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Gifting a book is the best way to increase the children’s communication level and let them learn through fun. There are plenty of books for 2 year olds children that can expand their vocabulary and grow their thirst for knowledge. Following we have reviewed some of the best books for 2 year olds and mentioned some tips for picking the right book so the toddler can grow through learning and playing.

What Is the Reading Level of a 2 Year Olds Child?

In general, 2 years old kids can’t read properly and they learn most hearing reading language. However, you can let them try to read simple words or phase and a book that ask a question and identify objects. They can also identify named objects and finish sentences that they know very well.

So you should encourage the toddler to repeat reading. As they get personal preference at the age of two, so offer them based on their interest and request them to read often. Let’s get into our recommendation.

Best Books For 2 Year Olds

Go, Dog Go

Go, Dog Go - books for 2 year olds


This Go, Dog. Go brings lots of opportunities to learn your 2-year-olds through fun. with a combination of life lessons, romance, and literary instruction, this nook comes in a warmly hued package that will become their favorite partner over time. the book has solidly colored illustrations, simple silly phrases, and a slow-to-bud romance story with single-syllable words. Combining all these features your 2-year-olds will have all in one book to learn, play and enjoy.

Your Nose!

Your Nose! - books for 2 year olds


Let’s teach your young reader about their body parts in the most thrilling ways. This board book of Your Nose by Sandra Boynton offers you a sweat song with a fox child and parents theme. Though you can sing the song as your wish, animate the word and squeeze the nose with the kid to learn them through love, you can also use this Blue Moo album song.

Here I Am!: A Finger Puppet Book

Here I Am!: A Finger Puppet Book - books for 2 year olds


This Here I Am!: A Finger Puppet Book shows a loving relationship between a caregiver and a child. The illustrated board book by Sam McBratey allows one to poke the finger through the Little Nutbrown Hare finger puppet and enjoy the hide and seek game. The story is about the Big Nutbrown Hare who searches for the Little Nutbrown Hare speaking “Where are you, Little Nutbrown Hare?” and the Little Hare replies “Here I am!” hiding in a tree, near white flowers, under a rock, and many other places.

Touch the Brightest Star 

Touch the Brightest Star  - books for 2 year olds


Following the imagination of the nighttime magical sky, this interactive board book has lots of interactive elements to introduce the night to the sky in a supernatural way. These bedtime storybooks for two-year-olds won’t let the 2 years old scary at the night while its sunset to sunrise journey will offer the magic of the nighttime sky. A gentle yet soothing rhythm will bring every day new gifts and winning moments to the toddler to prevent them bored in daily reading.

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight 

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight  - books for 2 year olds


This is another best book for toddlers which are a fast favorite among toddlers for its excellent cadence and Interesting words. Its Illustrations are also colorful and delightful which is the key attraction of this story tale board book. The story is about an old lady who swallowed plenty of things and meets an old dragon. Apart from the toddlers, parents will love to enjoy these books reading to their kids to help them learn through hearing.

The Snowy Day Paperback Picture Book

The Snowy Day Paperback Picture Book - books for 2 year olds


This Snowy Day Paperback – Picture Book is a must-have for every child’s bookshelf not only for learning reading but also about human emotions. Along with introducing the magic and wonder of winter, this book brings a great opportunity to the parents to teach their 2 years old about the wonder, disappointment, joy, and excitement of universal humans. More importantly, it teaches the toddler all humans are the same under the skin.

A Parade of Elephants Picture Book

A Parade of Elephants Picture Book - books for 2 year olds


This Picture Book is a New York Times–bestselling book for kids of different ages. Its drawings are heartwarming and the text is simple and creates based on a story about five joyful elephants who march from dawn to dusk. This engaging picture book will be a perfect choice for bedtime sharing and story time for 2 years old as they will remain exciting about the elephant’s movement while reading and hearing.

Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book Board book 

Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book Board book 


Let’s say goodnight to your little prince or princess through countless kisses and the way they love. This Board book from Karen Katz also brings larger illustrations for the baby to look at. An exciting thing is each page counts down ten kisses and one for the final pages which allow kissing baby from head to toe while reading each page. The books will greatly get your 2 years old attention for extra kisses and they will love to make it a nighttime routine.

One Shoe Two Shoes Picture Book

One Shoe Two Shoes Picture Book - books for 2 year olds


If you are willing to top teach your 2 years old about the number, color, and shapes through fun and delightful poets, this One Shoe Two Shoes Hardcover Book will be a good purchase for you. Comes with bright and bold illustrations this picture book has ten white mice, lots of shoes, and one adorable dog. This book for 2 yr old also features a Simple story with rhyming that allows introducing simple counting through fun and play.

Peekaboo Morning Board book

Peekaboo Morning Board book


It’s a great board book to start the day and end the night. It’s a beautiful book that is short and sweet enough to keep the baby entertained instead of boring and wordy. The illustration is also incredible. So your 2 years old will love playing peekaboo as finding daddy, mommy and a favorite puppy always bring excitement.

ABC Universe Illustrated Board book

ABC Universe Illustrated Board book


It’s the best book for 2-year-olds to introduce the space. The book is large enough and has sturdy pages to withstand every day and rough use while learning about the entire universe and inspiring for becoming an astronaut. The alphabet of the board book also comes in the perfect size and it includes an interesting picture so the 2 years olds can learn the definitions of black holes, supernovas, telescopes most efficiently.

Baby Loves Coding! Illustrated Board book

Baby Loves Coding! Illustrated Board book


This Board Book of Baby Loves Coding use sequence, logic, and patterns to easily yet accurately solve the problem that will convince the expert. If you are willing to introduce STEM topics developmentally properly to your 2 years old, gift them this scientific book. Even it’s a great gift for kids who has curiosity surrounding computers. It has motivating illustrations that match the age-appropriate language that will encourage the kid’s sense of wonder through play.

Quantum Physics for Babies

Quantum Physics for Babies - books for 2 year olds


Likewise inspiring for becoming astronaut, and programmer, if you want to encourage your 2-year-olds for becoming future geniuses, gifts them this Quantum Physics for Babies. Apart from the kids, you can also get some idea about quantum physics reading through this board book. Along with the cute idea, this book breaks down the complex concept into a simple explanation so you can introduce a big topic to your 2-year-old at an early age.

First 100 Words: A Padded Board Book Board book

First 100 Words: A Padded Board Book Board book


These illustrated toddler books contain 100 essential words and pictures that are easier to read and learn for the 2 years old and meet their age skill level. Each page of this book is made of tough board and has a soft padded cover. Combining these, the board book is sturdy enough to withstand the kid’s abuse and allows them to read and learn for hours comfortably. There is also some difficult word for 2-year old however it isn’t compulsory to teach all the words.

Opposites with Frank Lloyd Wright Board book

Opposites - books for 2 year olds


This board book for 2 year old has texture and flaps as well as plenty of interactive features that will surprise both of you and the kids for sure. This book is especially perfect for introducing the kids to the concept of opposites in the most entertaining way. Comes with vivid color, the picture quality of the book is also great. Another impressive thing is the back of the book has to reference to let you learn about the feature that includes every page.

How To Find The Best Books For 2 Year Olds?

Likewise, individual personalities, 2-year-olds also got personal preference when it comes to choosing a book. So the books for 2 year olds are varied from kid to kid. However keeping the following tips in mind, the parents can offer their Childs the most appropriate books for certain ages.

Here are some book categories for your cute babies.

Board Books

In general, most boards’ book has thick covers and pages, making them greatly easier for small fingers to manipulate as well as harder to destroy even after rough use. Unlike the paper pages that can be torn easily and need adult supervision, you can leave the board book to the kids and concentrate on daily activities.

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Interactive Books

Something like colorful or moving parts always attract kids. An interactive book with such function can help parents to make the reading habit for their 2 years old very easily. Books that ask a question or encourage movement help the kids remain busy in fun for long.

Rhyming or Repetitive Words

Young kids attract by a book that has sing-song or rhyming text. Even 2-year-olds love repetitive word books due to their attraction to predictability.

Bright Colors and Simple Illustrations

Along with bright colors, babies love vivid colors and colors that are very thrilling. Conversely, Simple illustrations won’t let the 2 years old become overwhelming easily.

Simple Text With Some New Vocabulary

2-year-olds can lose their attraction to a book that has too many words. Conversely, a book with a few words on each page can retain their interest for a long. You can introduce vocabulary or quantum physics to the 2 years old maintaining this format.

Themes and Topics Of Interest

Though most of the kids love a book with animals and characters the certain type of characters can vary. Offering them a different type of theme can be a good decision to start with.

Guideline for Parents

How Do You Read With a 2-years-old kid?

Most of the time 2 years love to read a book alone! But the parents can’t ignore the importance of reading their books regularly. Below are a few tips to make reading with a 2-year-old interesting and attractive:

Let Them Decide On The Book

Children of this age love having control and independence and the parents to let them decide for their satisfaction.

Allow Repeated Readings

Repeated readings are greatly beneficial for 2 years old as they help them learn more about the books and story at hand. Later on, it creates a foundation for becoming a good reader. 

Encourage Them For Predictable Text

2 years olds feel happy and consider it as an achievement if they can read something correctly. So the parents should encourage them for reading words or phrases. Plus it will let them predict the story before reading which will bring extra excitement for reading the book.

Let The 2-year-old “READ” The Pictures

Most of the kids can’t read the text properly at the age of 2 years but can read the picture very well. Even they become interested in the books that they know by heart. So ask the kids to learn by you and remember through the picture.


How to pick the right books for 2-year-olds?

You should choose books that are illustrated in design, has greater detain and moving parts. Kids don’t have large attention spans, thus love a shorter book and that tells easy stories. The toddler also gets interested in the book that is familiar with their activities.

Should I read to the toddler?

Hearing lots of language help the toddler do better in school. hearing someone reading greatly helps them learn. Reading to toddlers also leads them through individually reading.

How to make the 2 years old interested in the book?

Offer them the book based on their interest and the color, theme or characters they love. But if it doesn’t work, don’t force the toddler for reading instead take the patient. Keep trying to search for their interest and you will succeed to get their attention.

What are the best interactive books for a 2-year-old?

Some of the top recommendations are:

  • The Dinos on the Bus
  • Little Pop-Ups: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Busy Day: Athlete
  • Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces
  • Magic Windows: Weather

What are good gifts for a 2-year-old?

Kids get personality and unique choices at the age of two, so whatever you will gift them should meet their preferences. Some common gifts are books, building toys, piggy banks, and acrobatics robots.

Do 2-year-olds need board books?

Kids can easily rip and tear the inner pages of the normal book, leave the hardcover intact, resulting in damage to the book. Conversely, board books are made to endure the kids tossing, tearing, and chomping, making them perfect for 2 years old.

What should a 2-year-old be learning?

At the age of 2, kids learn many physical and mental things including finding things, recognizing colors or shapes, and completing sentences. They can also play some easy make-believe games, and build toys.

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Final Words

Creating a habit of reading is the best way to encourage the 2-year-olds for knowledge. However gifting the best book for 2-year-olds is a tough task as it is subject to kids’ skill level, preferences, and comfortable. Through the guide, we have mentioned 15 illustrated board books that are perfect for 2 years old to inspire them for dreaming about the future and become prepared to make it happen.

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