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Are you planning to buy the best inflatable pool slides for your kids? Before making a final decision let’s check out this article as it will help you to make a proper decision

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Let’s do some research and get the best inflatable pool slides within budget!

The Feature You Should Consider While Buying an Inflatable Water Slides




A ground-level water slide is the easiest option in the market that only has a slick plastic track that sits straight on the ground. However, some ground-level options include inflatable bumpers along the sides and some have a wading pool or other activity regions at the end of the track.

Kiddie Pool–attached

A kiddie pool–attached inflatable water slide is worth of its name tag. Usually, it is small in size that drops the rider into a kid-sized wading pool. Especially it is suitable for two to seven years old kids.


It is the same as the permanent water slides that are available as a part of an in-ground pool. It also includes a ladder to climb up with a track to slide down. Besides, it is made with inflatable vinyl materials.


Slide Plus Playground

A slide plus playground inflatable water pool is the largest type of slide you will find in the market. It features a slide component with a broad array of other activity areas including a climbing wall, wading pool, bouncy house, sprinklers or water guns, and basketball hoop.


If you are planning to get a large, substantial inflatable water slide, consider the model that comes with its blowers. These are strong enough to inflate the slide within minutes. As a result, your kids can enjoy their slide as fast as possible. At the same time, the feature keeps the slide inflated by offering a steady stream of air. Usually, some slides come with a single blower, while larger models offer two or more.

Curved Design

However most of the inflatable water slides design with a straight track to allow kids to slide down, but if you want to offer them optimum fun, you are welcome. Some inflatable water slides include a curved or twisted track for more fun.


Like a classic water slide, a sprinkler is also a must-have option. It will keep the inflatable slide wet and offer the slip necessary to shoot down the track. Some model comes with sprinklers in other areas to spray your children while they slide down. Especially, inflatable pool slide available with overhead sprinklers that will spray from the sides of the slide.

Water Guns

Splashing each other with water is a wonderful way to enjoy for the kids. So it will provide them extra fun if they get a water gun with inflatable pool slides. As a result, they can spray their siblings as they zip down the slide.

Inflatable Water Slide Prices

Usually, Inflatable water slides available between $15 and $1,800. Ground-level slides will cost from $15 to $150, while you find kiddie pool-attached slides between $40 to $100. Besides if you want to get a standard inflatable water slide you will have to pay between $70 and $550. Remember, the most expensive inflatable water slides come with a playground that has multiple activity areas.


5 Best Inflatable Pool Slides Reviews


1. PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncing House

Three kids playing with her mother in PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncing House with Climbing Wall

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The number one pick for the best inflatable pool slide in our list is PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncing House. It’s a multi-functional pool slide that is available at an affordable price. It includes decent amounts of water cannon with shower sprays head to offer children and families a variety of entertainments. At the same time, it brings a great opportunity to develop children’s skills from visual learning.

Thanks to the manufacturer as they made the slides pool with high-quality toxic-free material maintaining the highest standards for your kids to get safe while they enjoying. With a heavy-duty climbing area, kids will get the best sliding experience. Most importantly it comes in fully assembled so you can inflate it very easily to offer your kids a fun time. The pool slides construct with sturdy material that will ensure years of summer fun within budget.


  • Includes Water cannon and shower sprays head mounts
  • Easy to install quickly
  • Offer Durable strong Splash Zone for extra playing space
  • Its climbing wall will help kids to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Made with high-quality toxic-free material with
  • The blower may produce some sound


2. Intex Fun ‘n Fruity Inflatable pool slides for Ages 2+

3 children and their mother are playing on Intex Fun 'n Fruity Inflatable pool slides

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The next on our list is Intex Fun ‘n Fruity Inflatable Play Center slides pool that will be suitable for the people who are on a tight budget but still considering a wonderful slide pool. It’s truly a budget-friendly option that that available for under $100. As the manufacturer made it with two pool kids will get the opportunity to slides on to others. It will bring more fun for the toddler who is above two years old.

With a water slide, 6 colorful balls that fit in the wall it is full of excitement. Most importantly the pool slides come with a landing mat at the bottom for extra padding. Besides the PVC material make it sturdy enough to play with. With a lightweight design, the pool is very easy to transfer and transport. Finally, if you are going to buy an inflatable pool slide for the first time, it will be the best buy as you will be the opportunity to be familiar with a pool slide rather than spending more money.

  • Two pools in one
  • Includes Landing mat at the bottom of the slide
  • Has Drain plug in the pool floor
  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • Some mention it quickly lose air


3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable pool Slide Bouncer

Kids playing on Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable pool Slide Bouncer

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Are you looking for an exceptional inflatable pool slide that not only allows your kids but his friend and cousin to have fun with multi slides? Try these Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide. Little Tikes is a world-class brand that is known for producing high-quality kid’s accessories and this one is not apart from that. The best part of these pool slides is it offers mountain size wall to climb that not only allow them for great physical activity but the huge sliding experience for great fun.

This durable, multicolor inflatable pool slide is made with good design so kids get nothing but wonderful summer. Beside it, a perfect pool slides for multiple kids to play on at once. The highlight feature of the pool is it includes two slides with spray hoods to keep the sliding surface slippery. Finally, it will be a great buy to offer more kids to get summer fun at a time.

  • Includes two slides with spray hoods
  • Allow heavyweight up to 350 lbs
  • Comes with A surprise dump bucket to boost the fun
  • Colorful and large
  • Pricy


4. ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide with Shark Bounce House 

4 Kids playing on ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

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If you are on a decent budget want something more with an Inflatable pool slides, let’s try this ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide. Especially it comes with a Shark Bounce House and Water Gun. So the pool slides are a complete package of fun for summer. If you worry about the safety issue with the pool, let me inform you the pool is approved with a CPC and made with Extra Thick Material.

Moreover, its durable Sewn will ensure 100% protection for your children. Besides, it allows up to 4 children at one time as it can hold up to 200 pounds. The pool slides are so easy to set up that it will take under 3 minutes to make ready.  Finally, it includes a water tube, repair patches, the bouncer, air blower, and lawn stakes. So adding the slides pool in your backyard will boost the summer fun for your kids.

  • Easy to use and carry
  • Allow up to 22lbs
  • Made with Extra Thick Material
  • Decent price
  • Includes Water Gun and Shark Bounce House
  • Some mention shark fin doesn’t inflate


5. Intex Happy Dino Inflatable Pool Slides for 2 Years +

Two children with their mother playing on Intex Happy Dino Inflatable Pool Slides

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The last on our list is another low budget inflatable pool slides that feature water slide and ring toss games. So your kids will get the experience of playing something new with this Intex Happy Dino Inflatable Play Center. Moreover, it brings a great opportunity to transform your backyard into a dinosaur adventure land. The best part of the pool slides is their designs with a Landing mat at the bottom for extra padding.

With a multicolor style, the pool slides don’t need any assemble that makes it ready to play. Besides the inflatable pool slides allow 120lb Max weight which is considerable at this price. Overall if you are on a low budget and still willing to get quality inflatable pool slides for your kids, this one will be a suitable option for you.

  • Includes water slide and ring toss game
  • Made with PVC material
  • Lightweight and ready to play
  • Low budget
  • Check the pool, it may have a hole


Best Inflatable Pool Slide – Buying Guide

Following some feature, you should keep in mind while buying an inflatable pool slide

Weight Capacity

The pool slide you are going to buy should be capable of holding the total weight that you are going to give it. It will be useless if it fails to bear the desired weight. So check the weight limit carefully before making a final decision


As we mention earlier Inflatable water slides can be varied up to $1800. It depends on you how much you want to spend buying a slides pool. But you should overspend as according to your needs.

Activity options

Always go for Inflatable pools slides that come in multi-function. It will bring extra fun and activity for kids. So the more option it will have, the better it will be for fun-loving kids the next summer.


Check that the inflation process of the pool slide is kids friendly. After all, kids will spend a large time on it. So if it gets hard for kids all the enjoyment will be waste.



May I allow using a playground slide for a pool slide?

Yes, you can use a playground slide for a poolside. But check that the wall of the pool should not be too high for the pool slide as it can be risky. At the same time ensure the weight capacity of the playground slide is good enough to hold the weight of you and your kids.

Can I keep an inflatable pool with a fill of water?

If you have a larger blow-up pool you can keep the water on it by using a chlorine tablet in a locking, with a floating dispenser even it doesn’t have electric filters. The feature will keep it stable while it constantly releases the least amounts of chemicals safely into the pool.

What is the proper deep of pool slides?

Pool slides should be installed over a water depth of a minimum of 36 inches. Check that it in the middle of a pool, neither in the deep end nor the shallow end. If it too shallow, it can be hit the bottom of the pool that is harmful.



Getting an inflatable pool slide is a superb choice that will offer a kid must needed break and at the same time allow you to have enjoyment with them. All you have to make a proper decision and get the best inflatable pool slides from, our list that is worth money and remains popular among the people for years. Even if you still cant choosing our guide will help you to choose from a broad option in the market.

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