Getting ready and having quality fun on Halloween, Christmas or other events largely depend on choosing the desired yet appropriate costumes. Among unique choices, if your girl loves to be a pink cat the next Halloween, then you are potential of looking pink cat costumes.

But having the true-to-size, durable, and complete set of pink cat costumes can be a tough and tiresome job. Thus after reviewing dozen of cat costumes, we have made a list of the top 7 pink cat costumes.

Checking the review will help you get the most appropriate, bright, and fashionable cat costume.

Despite if you are willing to make a DIY Pink Cat Costume at home, don’t worry. We made a guide for it later on this page.

Cuteshower Halloween Cat Costume for Kid

Cuteshower Halloween Pink Cat Costume for Kid - Best Pink Cat Costumes


This Cuteshower Halloween Cat Costume comes in a match made in heaven to make your daughter a cat for Halloween and loves tutu. It is completely made of polyester and hand-washable, making the cat costumes easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Available at a decent price this kids cat costumes set comes with 1 pair of black gloves and calf sleeves, pink cat ears hat, tights, and cattail. (See in our Image)

So having these pink cat Halloween costumes the girls with a complete look of cats to enjoy their favorite costumes in Halloween.

Despite, the manufacturer offers plenty of size options, thus you can choose the most fitted cat costumes for your daughter to offer them a well fit and cute look.


This budget-friendly cat costume is easy to wear and maintain. Plus it comes with a set of plenty of accessories with durable and bright designs to let the girl’s kid enjoy Halloween.


Tie the pink leggings securely as some customers reported it fell.

GRAJTCIN Women’s Cat Ear French Maid Costume

GRAJTCIN Women's Cat Ear French Maid Costume for kids - Best Pink Cat Costumes


With a back hidden zipper closure and 5 Pieces Maid Costume, this GRAJTCIN Women’s Cat Ear French Maid Costume is another exclusive collection on our list.

Especially this pink cat costume is a multifunctional option that is suitable for a range of even. So whether it is a Halloween costume party, French maid theme party, or Christmas event, you still find these cat costumes by your side.

Made of Polyester and Cotton, these pink cat costumes for kids are easier to wear and offer comfort for long hours.

An impressive feature includes its longer size chart. So whatever your age or body size is, the detail size chart helps you enjoy the perfect fitted pink cat costumes to enjoy the Halloween parties.


This GRAJTCIN Women’s Cat Ear French Maid Costume is available in two colors with plenty of sizes while made of durable and comfortable material. Besides, it’s a customizable, multi-functional cat costume that will let the wearer enjoy any parties throughout the year.


Its headband is cheaply made and the bow is attached with a safety pin.

Amscan Girls Cheshire Cat Costume

Amscan Girls Cheshire Pink Cat Costume - Best Pink Cat Costumes


Looking for bright, Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes for your baby girl? Try this Amscan Girls Cheshire cat Costume. Especially these pink cat costumes will be for both adult and young girls to enjoy any indoor or outdoor parties including themed parties, and costume parties.

Not only that, these cat costumes feature sheer puff sleeves, purple and magenta stripes, faux fur trim along with the skirt, and more. However, the wearer may need to wear a shirt under the top since the material is a bit stretchy.

Lastly, this Cute Pink Cat Costumes is available at a reasonable price while comes with a complete set except for shoes.


Its shinny and true-to-size pink cat costume for toddler girls. This solid design cat costume is super cute and offer Alice in Wonderland look to enjoy plenty of parties and event.


The wearer may need to wear a shirt under the dress to avoid stretchily

Fun World Miss Kitty Toddler Girls Pink Cat Costume

Fun World Miss Kitty Toddler Girls Pink Cat Costumes - Best Pink Cat Costumes


This Fun World Miss Kitty Toddler Girls Costume will bring a kitty cat look for your girls. This Halloween costume is made of polyester and includes loop closure.

Combining these features, this costume is easier to wear and put off. Plus it also offers comfortable wearing and longer service.

Having this item will simply transform your girl into the cutest little cat to enjoy any parties including Halloween, Christmas, and even birthday. However, there is enough complaint against this cat costumes size chart. Even some advise choosing two sizes larger than the regular to enjoy the right fit.


This kitty cat costume is available at a decent price and is made of polyester. Plus, it has a loop closure and is hand-washable for easier maintenance.


The size chart is misleading and it has a bit of pom shed.

Fun World Child Caterina Costume

Fun World Child Caterina Costume (Black & Pink) - Best Pink Cat Costumes


The next recommendation for pink cat costumes in our list is Child Caterina Costume. It’s another great addition from the Fun World brands that will turn your girl kids into cute Caterina. An impressive feature includes a multi-layered tulle skirt. It means wearing these cat costumes for Halloween your girl will have excitement.

Despite its stuffed tail is attached to the back to offer a realistic cat look to enjoy the Halloween parties. With a cute tutu style, this cat costume is superb for dance performance.

This Child Caterina Costume is available at an affordable price and doesn’t include tights and black ballet flats. So you need to bus these accessories separately to ensure the complete Caterina look to your girl.


This cat costume is affordable and comes in plenty of sizes. it is comfortable to wear and easy to put off and design with a multi-layered tulle skirt.


It doesn’t come with a complete set of cat costumes. So you will need to buy some accessories separately.

Petitebella Combined Animal Pink Cat Costume

Petitebella Combined Animal Pink Cat Costume - Best Pink Cat Costumes


Seeking sweet and simple cat costumes for your little girl? Try this Petitebella Combined Animal 4pc Costume. It’s a cheap Halloween costume that includes a bowtie, headband, gloves, and tails. Combine these accessories; you can easily transform your little kids into cute cats to enjoy Halloween as well as other outdoor events.

Made of polyester, these customers are filled with cotton so the little kids don’t feel any pain in the skin.

More importantly, the manufacturer offers the age recommendation with a size chart so the customer can choose the right accessories for their little girl.


It’s a cheap cat costume that is suitable for 1 to 5 years girls. Besides these accessories are made of comfortable material and allow turning the baby into a cute little cat quickly.


The materials aren’t much durable

JustinCostume Cat Cosplay Set Ears Tail Collar Paws

JustinCostume Cat Cosplay Set Ears Tail Collar Paws - Best Pink Cat Costumes


This JustinCostume Cat Cosplay Set is another sweet and shortcut costume on our list. This set of cat costumes includes collar, ears, paws, and tail while available at a decent price. A key feature includes, these cat costumes are true to size that assure a super soft and perfect fit.

Exclusively, the ears, bowties, and tail have a bell that will jingle while your little girl move that will add extra excitement.

However, an error side of this Halloween set is its tail gets pinned on with a safety pin which may drop during harsh use.


This pink Cat Cosplay Set is super comfortable to wear. Besides, these are available at an affordable price with five different colors to choose the matching one with the favorite dress.


The tail needs to attach with a safety pin that may add a little concern.

How to Make DIY Pink Cat Costume – Step By Step

Tools Require

  • Sewing machine
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • Black pants
  • 1″ elastic
  • Black shirt
  • 1black pipe cleaner
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • 2 to 3 spools of 6″ tulle
  • Black shoes
  • 1 black headband

If you have a pant, shirt, and shoes then you are already ahead of completing the costumes. After collecting all those essentials let’s follow the process:

Step 1. Measure Elastic

To make pink cat costumes you will need to make five tutus first. These will need for the waist, wrist, and ankle. Start with measuring the ankle, wrist, and waist of the wearer using 1/2″ elastic for the wrists and ankles and 1″ elastic for the waist.

Step 2. Sew Elastic

Now subtract 1 inch from the waist and cut the elastic following the length. Likewise, subtract half an inch from each wrist and ankle measurements and cut them off. Then sew the ends of the wrist and ankle using a sewing machine.

Step 3. Cut Tool Pieces

Cut a pile of tulle pieces 5 or 6 inches long for the wrist and ankle cuffs. Likewise cut the tulle piece between 10 to 12 inches long for the waist tutu.

Step 4. Attach Tool Strips

Now attach strips of the tool onto elastic maintaining double knots and make sure these are tie closely around the whole circumference of each band. Then Fluff up if you desired and repeat the method on each of the elastics.

Step 5. Make Ears and Whiskers

To make your little triangle ears, Cut a pipe cleaner in half and bind it with the headband.

Step 6. Finish The Job

Finally wear these with your black pants, black shirt, and shoes. You can sketch a nose and whiskers using an eyeliner pencil for having extra tough.

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Final Words

Pink cat costumes are one of the most excited and popular costumes among girls to enjoy Halloween, Christmas, and other events. So, having the most appropriate pink cat costumes is a vital task for any parent. Luckily you have now some pieces of great pint cat customers that are bright, comfortable, fashionable, and exciting for girl kids.

Whatever choice you make from our list will be a satisfaction for you and your child.