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Ski board and snowboard are among the most popular sport to enjoy in the winter under bright sunlight. So the kids along with the adult should wear protective ski gear to ensure safe and comfy enjoyment.

Ski goggles are one of the most needed protective gear that keeps the eye from a rough environment and boosts visibility while covers the eye comfortably. However, the journey of choosing the best ski goggles for kids can be frustrating without a little knowledge about some key facts.

In this article, we will deeply review the 10 top kids’ ski goggles; chosen based on extensive research as well as an informed buying guide to help you make the decision confidently.

Moreover, the article covers some crucial information related to kids’ ski goggles to boost the excitement of the skiboard. So let’s go!

Best Ski Goggles For Kids [At A Glance]










Best Ski Goggles For Kids In 2021

1. COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles – Snow Sports Goggles

COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles, G3 Children Snow Snowboard Goggles

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With dual-layer lense and Universal helmet compatibility, these COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles are our favorite ski goggles for kids. This ski goggle will be a safer option to invest in while its Cool mirror coating reflective lens will ensure 100% UV400 protection to the kid’s eye. Moreover, it’s a stylish and colorful ski goggle that includes a wide high-density elastic strap.

Thus these kids’ ski goggles will stay in place during the extreme situation. Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane this ski goggle is available in a range of colors and fits in the budget. However, there is enough complaint against its color description. The yellow color ski goggle isn’t a promises one.

Highlight features
  • These economic ski goggles for kids are made of pro-long-lasting anti-fog materials and dual-layer Revo lenses to ensure protection from cold and strong sunlight.
  • With Universal helmet compatibility and a high-density elastic strap, this ski goggle will properly fit with any helmet.
  • Design with Premium TPU frame, soft foams, and Smart optimized venting system for comfort wear and enhance air flow.

It’s an affordable ski goggle made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane material and available at a range of color options. Besides its ergonomic design and stylish look attracts both parents and kids.


Some color description is misleading.

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2. POCito Iris Kids Ski Goggles

POC, POCito Iris, Children's Goggle - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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If you have enough budget and looking for a versatile and secure ski google for your lovely little girl, you can try these POCito Iris Kids Ski Goggles. Especially this ski goggle is designed to maintain adult quality however available for kids.

These kids ski goggle comes with a versatile double lens that will improve contrast and protection. To ensure optimal fit and superior protection, this kid’s goggle includes a soft PU frame with a triple-layer face foam.

Made of plastic material, this ski goggle comes with a Polycarbonate lens and available in three different colors. Despite average quality material, this ski goggle will cost a bit more comparing other ski goggles for kids.

Highlight features
  • It’s an anti-scratch and anti-fog-treated ski goggle that will offer superior optical performance.
  • Made of soft, comfortable, and flexible material to ensure comfortable wear for long.
  • Design with Two different densities of foam and silicone grip on the inside of the strap for extra safety and pleasant feeling against the skin.

This pink ski goggle is comfy and secure for kids. Besides, it will stay in place securely while being a match with kids’ favorite dress to enjoy skiboard.


Made of plastic material and available at an expensive price.

3. Odoland Snow Ski Goggles For Kids

Odoland Snow Ski Goggles S2 Double Lens - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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If you are on a tight budget and still seeking a quality ski goggle for Snowboarding, these Odoland Snow Ski Goggles will be an ideal option. Though it’s a low-cost ski goggle, this item covers almost all the features needed to be the best ski goggle for the kid. Design with Dual-layer lens technology along with a two-way ventilation system, these kids’ ski google will ensure superior airflow while providing a Fog-Free ski experience.

Moreover, this ski goggle will keep the eye from ultraviolet light and strong sunshine reflection. Overall this pink sky goggle has extra long adjustable straps to ensure comfort fit to enjoy ski driving.

Highlight features
  • To offer anti-fog and top clarity view, this ski goggle comes with an anti-fog coating inner lens, along with a two-way ventilation system.
  • Comes from OTG design this ski goggle will fit conveniently with any glasses.
  • Design with extra long adjustable straps, making it compatible with almost all the helmet.

This ski goggle comes from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and available in four different colors. Plus it is available at a decent price while offering long-lasting and reliable service.


The ski goggle isn’t a great option in the wind.

4. Findway Kids Ski Goggle for Boys and Girls

findway Kids Ski Goggles, Kids Snow Snowboard Goggles - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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This ski goggler will be the best ski goggle to wear with eyeglasses to enjoy ski driving. Designed with cut-outs in the frame this ski goggle will be suitable for 5-16 years old kids to wear over most glasses. To reduce fogging and boost air ventilation, this ski goggle construct with high-performance hydrophilic coating with an Advanced double-layer lens.

A combination of silicone on the back and an adjustable buckle strap make this goggle appropriate for an extreme ride by ensuring slide-free fitting.

With Triple-layer soft breathable foam and a soft TPU frame, this affordable ski goggle will offer extra safety in case of fall or crash.

Highlight features
  • Designed with cut-outs in the frame to allow to wear over most glasses.
  • Its Advanced double-layer lens and professional ventilation system will not only reduce fogging but also optimize the flowing air.
  • With Triple-layer soft breathable foam and a soft TPU frame, this ski goggle will offer extra safety.

This ski goggle is available at an affordable price while made of quality material and comes in a range of colors. Besides its durable construction and kids, the friendly design makes it suitable for 5~16 years old kids.


Some feel slightly uncomfortable wearing for a long time.

5. Keary Winter Snow Sports Goggles for Kids

Keary SKi Goggles Winter Snow Sports Goggles for Youth Kids - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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This item is compatible with 5 years old to early teenagers as well as slim face women to enjoy ski diving on both sunny and cloudy days. Offering lower VLT during sunny days and higher VLT in dark conditions, this ski goggle let you enjoy both environments without causing extra money for a separated one.

Moreover, this kid’s goggle features a mirror coating that will keep the kid’s eyes from harmful light and glare.

This ski goggle is available at a decent price with three different color options and the cover will handy features like an Advanced double-layer lens, professional ventilation system, and soft TPU frame.

Highlight features
  • To provide peripheral view and distortion-free clarity, this kids goggle is made of a Spherical mirrored lens.
  • Design with soft TPU frame and breathable soft 3-layer sponge for extra safety and comfortable ski board.
  • With OTG design and super-hardening technology, this ski goggle fit over any glasses and improve anti-scratch performance.

It’s a budget-friendly ski goggle that is available in three different colors. Besides it is compatible with most of the glasses and helmets and ready to offer safe and improved performance.


It maybe a little bigger for 5-year-old kids.

6. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles - Over Glasses Ski-Snowboard Goggles

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This OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is another popular ski goggle for kids available in the market. Due to its anti-fog coated inner and Soft TPU frame, this ski goggle ensures a fog-free ski experience as well as comfort and reliable protection. More importantly, it’s the best-selling kid’s ski goggle in the market, thanks to its universal helmet compatibility and customer-satisfied services.

Comes with an impressive lifetime warranty, this ski goggle includes an Extra long elastic strap, making it perfect for both adults and teens.

Finally, it’s a budget-friendly ski goggle that available in a range of color options and made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane with UV Protection Coating.

Highlight features
  • Made of Dual-layer lens technology with an anti-fog coated inner lens this ski goggle will offer an optimal fog-free ski experience.
  • Includes Soft TPU frame with lenses that promises 100% UV400 protection and years of reliable service.
  • Design with an Extra long elastic strap, these kids ski goggle is greatly compatible with all helmets.

Comes with a lifetime warranty, this ski goggle is available in a large number of color and don’t cost much. Besides its OTG construction and kids-friendly design will ensure safe and excellent optical clarity.


The inner surface of the lens is made of average quality.

7. MAMBAOUT 2-Pack Snow Ski Goggles

MAMBAOUT 2-Pack Snow Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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This pack of Snow Ski Goggles is suitable for All Kinds of Winter activities for Every Member of The Family. Available at a lower price, this ski goggle has Multicolor lenses that will sharpen the user’s vision while blocking out a considerable amount of ultraviolet light.

Design with an elastic ABS frame and impact resistance PC lens, this kid’s goggle will keep the eye safe from the extreme environment including bright sunshine, thick snowfall, and strong wind.

An impressive feature includes the thick and soft layer of sponge on the frame to prolonged wear without causing discomfort, fatigue, and irritation.

On the other hand, its adjustable elastic head strap will ensure comfort and perfect fit while its functional air vents will offer a better air cycle.

Highlight features
  • Design with Multicolor lenses that will sharpen the vision and block out a significant amount of ultraviolet light
  • Made of a safe and elastic ABS frame this ski goggle will protect from any tough condition.
  • Includes air vents on the top of the frame and adjustable elastic head strap for superior airflow and comfortable fit.

This ski goggle is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and available at the lowest price. Plus it is safe and comfortable and suitable for wearing without a helmet.


It may fog a little bit while skiing and snow tubing.

8. Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo [Helmet+Goggles]

Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo Matte Glacier Rock

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This Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo will be the best option for those who don’t want to take risk of compatibility. Especially this combo will ensure perfect adjustment and enhanced stability. While its Super Cool Vents on the helmet comfortable on the mountain by escaping hot air, the goggle will fit seamlessly and keep the eye from UV radiation.

Both are made of quality material to ensure long-lasting service however available at an expensive price. But still, it will be worth buying while the ski driver will have comfortable yet secure and matching gears to enjoy snowboard or skiboarding.

Highlight features
  • This stylish ski goggle and helmet combo are safe and comfortable for kids while allows the hot air to escape.
  • The ski goggle is made of a Dual lens with Double-layer face foam that will offer fog-free clear visibility.
  • To enhanced stability the helmet design with Form Fit System.

This great combo available at a decent price while ensuring great compatibility. Besides these are made of quality material and construct maintain kids safety and style in minds.



9. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles for Kids

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles - UV Protection

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This OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is another best-selling kids ski goggle on our list. With OTG design and anti-fog lens, these Ski goggles will fit with a large number of glasses to offer clear and fog-free ski experiences.

Available at a reasonable price with the extensive color option, this ski goggle will let the kids enjoy stylish and safe skiboarding. A combination of anti-fog coated inner lens and Soft TPU frame make this kid goggle suitable to wear safely and comfortably for a large time.

Moreover, its Extra long elastic strap will ensure the perfect fit and keep the goggle in place during rough use. This OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles comes with a 1-year warranty.

Highlight features
  • Design with Dual-layer lens technology with an anti-fog coated inner lens, this ski goggle will offer a fog-free ski experience to both kids and adults.
  • Made of Soft TPU frame with lenses that promise 100% UV400 protection.
  • Includes Extra long elastic strap making it compatible with all helmets.

Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane this ski goggle is available at a reasonable price and a variety of color options. Besides its OTG design and quality construction makes it safe and suitable to use for kids


It may fit a bit tight over the glasses.

10. Bolle Bumpy Ski Goggle For Kids

Bolle 21119 Bumpy Ski Goggle - Best Ski Goggles For Kids

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This Bolle Bumpy Ski Goggle is another best ski goggle for kids on our list. Made of polycarbonate material, this ski goggle will be a long-lasting investment to enjoy skiboarding.

Moreover, this kid’s ski goggle will offer a modern look while offering clear visibility of whatever terrain you’re undertaking for an out-of-this-world ride.

Design with double layer face foam, this kid goggle will lower the injury while its Double lens will create a dual-pane thermal barrier. Moreover, it’s a junior-size ski goggle that will remain scratches-free thanks to its Carbo-Glass outer lenses.

So you can confidently gift this item to your kids to let them enjoy safe and comfortable skiboarding and snowboarding.

Highlight features
  • Construct with an anti-fog layer in the inner lens that disperse water molecules across the lens surface.
  • Its Carbo-Glass outer lenses make it scratches free goggles for kids.
  • Design with Double-layer face foam to keep the kids safe from injury.

This ski goggle is made of Polycarbonate material and available at a reasonable price. Besides its durable ski goggle that will last for long.


Don’t have a color choice.

Why Are Ski Goggles Important?

Ski goggles are crucial gear that keeps kids’ eyes from snowblindness and harmful UV rays. Moreover, it improves kids’ vision on the slopes since it blocks sun glare and boosts the contrast in low-light conditions.

Usually, Ski goggles perform like a shield for kids’ eyes and great protection from damage during falls and crashes. combined with a ski helmet ski goggles reduce the chance of sustaining head and eye injuries.

Plus, ski goggles shield the top half of the user’s face and prevent wind and snow from hitting the eyes and cause squint, eyes water, and lower core temperature. These ski goggles are an essential part of a skier’s toolkit that keeps the user warm on the mountain.

The best ski goggles for kids come with sturdy frames and lenses that can block 99-100% of all harmful UV light.

Do All Kid Helmets Work With Ski Goggles For Kids?

Different brands offer different sizes and types of the goggle. So it is vital to be sure about fit with the helmet while choosing the best ski goggle.

In this case, check the helmet if it has a little rubber strip on the elastic band or not. The feature especially ensures a cozy fit and prevents it from slipping off from the helmet. The combination of fit goggle and helmet help kids remain safe and comfortable in the rough environment.

Luckily some brands offer a pair of helmets and goggles that fit properly. Picking such a combination can keep you from worry about fitting. However, most of the goggles and helmets usually fit with each other.

Key Features To Look For When Buying a Ski Goggle

As long as you will realize what to check in ski goggles, choosing the best ski goggles for kids won’t be a frustrating experience. Consideration like age of the kids, lens type, and design, all are important.

Let’s read the following in-depth guide so you can have enough information to choose the right gear for kids.

Size and Fit

Ensuring proper size and fit is important as it is related to their performance. Most of the goggles manufacturers specify the age range as well as product dimensions so the customer can pick the desired one easily. Moreover many goggles come with adjustable straps that help customize the goggles and lead to the proper fit.

Goggles with flexible frames will be a bonus as they will fit with kids’ faces superbly and offer a better seal. However, a pair of ski and snowboard goggles can be a shortcut but remember it may be a problem with growing the kid’s age.

Lens and UV Rating

The lens is another key part of ski goggles regardless of protection. Pick a goggle that has a UV protection lens as it will keep the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Fortunately, the products we have reviewed above have UV protection and eliminates almost 100% of harmful rays.

Checking the color of the lens is also important as Lighter lenses permit more light to enter. As a result, it makes the goggle better for low-light conditions. Conversely, dark colors don’t let much light go through, making them ideal for bright blue sunny days.

The amount of light that enters is explained with VLT percentage, where a higher percentage means better for cloudy days or night skiing.

On the other hand, the material use to prepare the lens is also essential where polycarbonate is more acceptable. Some model also includes double layer lens which offers extra protection and keeps from condensation. Goggles with glare protection and anti-fog layers will be a better option to choose.


The air circulation feature greatly prevents goggles from fogging up. A ski goggle with vents on both sides offers better circulation. Moreover, it helps remove moisture rather than condensing on the inner side. Some ski goggle includes an anti-fog coating that keeps the lens clear.


If the kids had to wear ski goggles for an extended time, they must be comfortable and should not put much pressure on the head. While choosing the ski goggles, make sure that it fits properly on the kid’s face. In this case, a goggle with a triple-layer foam will help feel comfortable on the kid’s face and adjust with the kid’s face properly. Conversely, don’t pick a google that has thinner foam.


When it comes to kids’ gear, considering the protection is crucial. The customer should be aware of both light and Physical protection like wind and flying debris. The model should be made of tough construction so it doesn’t break easily and keep the kids from injury.


Children usually like attractive and cute designs, whatever it is goggles or other gear. Thus many manufacturers made their goggles with colorful frames and cartoon characters printed straps. Considering functionality, kids’ ski goggles come in the same design as an adult. Some ski goggle covers magnetic interchangeable lenses that are suitable for different weather conditions.


Apart from the goggle, before investing in any product make sure that they will last for a few seasons. The material used on the goggle determines how durable it will be. Pick a goggle that doesn’t scratch or break easily and has a sturdy lens and frame. Moreover, a goggle with years of warranty can offer you extra confidence with promises of longevity.

Lens Tints For Different Light

Ski goggle design with a variety of different lens tints that change the wearer’s view of the outside world. The reason for the variety of color of lens tints is to work better in different light conditions. Such as, while gray lenses work better in bright light, rose or brown colors are ideal in low light. Thus it is important to check the Goggle description before buying.

  • All-weather tints: orange, yellow, and some shades of blue will be ideal.
  • Low light: rose and brown are common.
  • Bright light: grey is a popular choice

Note: it will be a better decision to choose a pair with a lens tint that is suitable for all weather.

Choose Your Ski Goggle After Understanding LVT
  • LVT ( Visible Light Transmission) is the most crucial part to consider while buying ski goggles. The feature determines how much light the lens will allow going through.
  • The lower the LVT percentage of a goggle, it will block more light. For instance, 15% LVT will be well enough for a bright sunny day to reduce glare and block more light.
  • Conversely, the higher the LVT percentage of a ski goggle, it will block less light. For example, 75% LVT will be perfect for low-light weather where it will block only 25% of light.
  • Except you are looking for two pairs of goggles to match the weather, pick a goggle that has an LVT range between 40-70%.

Some PRO Tips When Buying The Best Ski Goggles For Kids

What To Look For:
  • Choose a goggle with proper lens tint color that is ideal for most weather conditions.
  • Check that it fits with your kid’s helmet properly
  • Ensure that it has good airflow and Anti-fog coating
  • LVT between 40-70% will be well acceptable for all weather.
What To Avoid:
  • Don’t choose a goggles frame that doesn’t fit with kids face
  • Don’t buy Fake or ‘knock-off’ ski goggles as they don’t have UV protection
  • Poor lense can cause scratch and fog easily, so try to avoid
  • Don’t pick a ski goggle with Very high or low LVT

How To Measure Your Child For Ski Goggles

Before making the final call, check the fit of the ski goggle. You can measure you, kids, for ski goggle following these two best way:

  • The width of the kid’s face: Measure the width of the face from the center of each temple on either side of the face across the eyes.
  • Measure the depth of the face: start from the point just over the eyebrow to the center of the cheekbone.

How Should Your Child’s Ski Goggle Fit?

  • A ski google shouldn’t put much pressure on the kid’s face and they shouldn’t feel a tight squeeze.
  • A ski goggle that will cover kids’ eyes and brow without reducing vision or digging in, will be the proper fit.
  • Google should be cozy yet comfortable and should fit with the helmet without creating any gaps.
  • Pick a goggle that compatible with a helmet to reduce the gap. While a small gap is considerable for most weather but it can expose skin faster during the cold weather.

Problems With Fit

While a bigger goggle may come loose and obscure the vision, a smaller one can make the large gap between goggle and helmet. However, you can draw out the measurements of a goggle on paper and then wrap it around the kid’s head to ensure the proper fit. Let’s have a look at some common problems that can bring a wrong fit goggle.

Pinching The Top Of The Nose: 

Wearing goggle too loosely, it can cause Pinching the top of the nose. Tighten the strap to lift the goggles at the front and it will help relieve pressure on the nose.

Pressure On The Outside Of The Eye: 

If you pick too many narrow goggles for the kids, it will cause pain to the outside of the eye. If it happens, loosen off the strap as it will relieve the pressure and maintain a proper fit. Then consider ski goggles for kids.

How To Avoid Goggles From Fogging?

  • Don’t wipe the lens using a glove or finger.
  • Pick a ski goggle that has an anti-fog coating and good ventilation.
  • Store the goggle in a soft cloth when not in use.
  • Let release the air and make it dry immediately.

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Final Words

Undoubtedly, a ski goggle is a must-have protective gear for both kids and adults to enjoy safe and comfortable skiboarding. From the wide market, we have chosen a list of quality and reliable ski goggles to help you keep the kids safe from UV radiation, sunlight, wild air, and fog.

Moreover, the best ski goggles for the kid we have reviewed above are stylish, colorful, customizable, and fit in the budget. So whichever goggles you will pick will be worthy of investment and long-lasting gear. However, one should give the priority to the individual preference and requirement before making a final call.

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