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Grilling time is here, and if your children are like mine, they’re going to desire to join you backyard bbq grilling. Fortunately, there are lots of options when it comes to the best toy BBQ grills for kids.

Below, you’ll get a list of the best Toy BBQ Grills so you can purchase them for your kids right away. We’ve done all of the broad research for you, thus all you need to do now is choose the best toy BBQ grill set for kids and within your budget.

Imagine play is an important component for your kid’s development, aiding self-regulation, decreasing aggression, and promoting empathy. Plus one huge way to fuel their attention in pretend play is rider they’re modeling your actions — like by the toy grill!

Therefore whether you’re seeking the best value, the most accepted, or the top-tier option, you’ll get amazing Toy BBQ Grills that your kid will completely love this summer in the list below.

Best Toy BBQ Grills For Kids [Full Sets]

1. Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ

Little Tikes Cook 'n Play Outdoor BBQ

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This Little Tikes grill is a famous brand and they almost release the latest toys every year, and they’ve found a bunch of amazing outdoor toys. So the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ get the 1st position on our list.

It gives a more usual outdoor, full-size kitchen full of Toy BBQ Grills, a toy food put that contains barbecue important, a sink, and an oven. Thus it’s one of the best-looking toy grills in the market.

The special thing about Little Tikes toys is that they’re all arrogantly made in the USA.

Size: 29.2″ x 12.1″ x 35.2″

Suggested Ages: 2 years and Up

  • Many Room for Play
  • Comes with Big Grill, Oven, and Sink
  • Contains Play Food Set
  • Stickers Wear simply
  • Expensive

2. Step2 Sizzle & Smoke Toy BBQ Grill

Step2 Sizzle & Smoke Toy BBQ Grill

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This Step2 Sizzling BBQ Grill Toy is also one of the great brands. If you’re seeking a Toy BBQ Grills that seems like the toy edition of a real grill, then the Step2 Sizzle & Smoke Toy BBQ Grill will be the best choice for you.

Besides, It not only has the most genuine grill look, but it also has sensible sounding grill sounds like sizzling, a cool water vapor that makes it seem like burn is coming from the grill, and a false propane tank.

With this large grill, they can cook-up two ears of corn and two steaks. Besides, the grill also arrives with a 15-piece accessory set, steak sauce, counting utensils, a grill mitt, plates, and a pan for the side burner.

Moreover, the burner knobs turn for included effect, and it has fixed wheels for simple transporting. The best of that, it has a storage cabinet under the real grilling part where you can stock up all of the accessories.

A reminder that you’ll require 3 AA batteries for the sounds and vapor effect, but they’re not contained.

Size: 13.2″ x 38.5″ x 26″

suggested Ages: 3 Years and Up

  • Most sensible Look
  • Cool Grill Noises
  • Cool Vapor Effect
  • Higher cost
  • just One Color Available

3. Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill

Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out 'N Grill

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Another amazing Little Tikes grill is the Get out ‘N Grill. What puts this distance from other grill sets on this list is it’s brick-oven artistic. Besides, it uses red brick since the base with cupboards in the face, then a sink on the left side, and a burner on the right side.

Then it has a 2 tier grill on the top with a cover that opens and closes.

It appears with 8 accessories, counting a burger, ketchup, hot dog, and utensils.

Size: 24″ x 11″ x 28″

suggested Ages: 2 Years and Up

  • This grill Made in the USA
  • Accessories contained
  • Brick Aesthetic
  • Slight little
  • Only One Color

4. Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill Large Kids Kitchen Playset Toy

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill Large Kids Kitchen Playset Toy

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If you’re seeking slightly more than just a toy grill, you need to take a look at the Step2 Grand Walk-in Grill set — which is the exclusive kids bbq grill.

It’s like a super outdoor grill with not only a kitchen but also a fridge, burners, a sink, a microwave, an oven, and all the accessories your kids could ever wish for (exact 103 pieces!).

It also has huge storage areas that will remain all of these pieces secreted when playtime is over, thus you won’t have to be anxious about losing them.

The Grand Walk-in grill set also has lights and sounds, counting illumination from the burner and the grill.

Besides, it’s great for internal use or outdoor use if you comprise the room for it. It’s the ideal large kitchen playset for parents seeking something more adaptable than just a grill.

Size: 47.2″ x 36.6″ x 50.8″

Suggested Ages: 2 Years and Up

  • Comes with Ultimate Set
  • Contains Grill, Oven, Fridge, and More!
  • 103 Accessories Included
  • Little Pricey
  • Should Ship in Separate Boxes

5. Hape 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

Hape 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

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Hape is also famous for making super high-class wooden toys for young kids. They’re one of the biggest producers of toys prepared from sustainable fabrics. The company classically bends toward the top side of things, and this Hape Gourmet Grill does just that.

This wooden bbq grill toy is a quality toy grill for 5 years old with a price that deserves it. Though you’re getting the largest quality wooden bbq grill toy by buying it.

Primary, it has the best look, with a sensible-looking grill that’s well-painted. Then, it comes with these amazing little shish kabob toys that your children can set together and take apart while they see fit.

It also contains mustard and ketchup bottles, with grilling tongs. It’s on 2 wheels for effortless transport.

Size: 23.1″ x 21″ x 8″

Suggested Ages: 3 Years and Up

  • Best Option
  • Highest Quality Paint Job
  • Amazing Shish Kabob Toys
  • Cost
  • No Noises or Effects

6. Melissa & Doug Rotisserie And Grill Barbecue Set

Melissa & Doug Rotisserie And Grill Barbecue Set

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We’ve been talking about the feature of Melissa & Doug toys for so many years now, hence it would be wrong to not contain one of our best toys BBQ grills for kids list. This toymaker has a brightly intended wooden grill set, that’s of top quality.

It’s fairly possibly the cutest toy grill for 5 years old you can purchase in 2021! It’s a luxurious wooden BBQ and rotisserie set that arrives with 24 pieces, counting wooden BBQ toy food items, a basting brush, utensils, and more. The meats are supposed together with self-stick tabs so that they can simply be cut apart with the contained wooden knife, cheering fine motor talents, and hand-eye coordination.

The grill has a remarkable look to it, as well, with a black grill grate, an all silver base, and knobs on the front side of it. So if you’re seeking a great indoor grill toy, this set is a huge option.

Size: 5″ x 5″ x 5″

Suggested Ages: 3 Years and Up

  • Melissa & Doug class
  • Great Look
  • Wooden
  • Better for indoor use (though you can surely use it outside)
  • No Base

7. Black and Decker Jr. BBQ Grill

Black and Decker Jr. BBQ Grill

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This is one of the best branding choices Black & Decker has ready was to go into the toy room to sort of ship their product to young children so that they’ll contain the brand familiarity when they become old enough to purchase tools. The toymaker has an amazing kids BBQ grill toy that’s ideal for grilling beside dad or mom.

Besides, it’s the Black and Decker Jr. BBQ grill set, and it arrives with over 40 pieces, counting a Black & Decker apron, utensils and play food.

What creates this grill additional special and why we contained it on our list of the best toy grills is that food “sizzles” as they’re imagining to cook with the push of a button. This also sports the typical Black and Decker colorway, hence it looks less like a child’s toy and more like the family grill.

You should note that it’s one of the easy grills to set together, with simple-to-follow instructions that get less than 10 minutes.

It needs 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

Size: 20″ x 6″ x 14″

Suggested Ages: 3 Years and Up

  • Black and Decker appear
  • Includes Food “Sizzles” When on the Grill
  • 50 Accessories
  • Slight Small
  • Food is slippery, so firm to stack while playing.

8. Step2 Fixin’ Fun Outdoor Grill

Step2 Fixin' Fun Outdoor Grill

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Step2 has one of the finest toy grills that are the same as the Little Tikes BBQ set, as it has that same brick-oven grill aesthetic. With this Step2, the bricks are brown, and it also comes with an oven in the front (rather than a cabinet).

Besides, this toy BBQ grill has a brick intend and applies neutral colors so it matches most outdoor equipment.

It arrives with a 10 piece Stack Hot Dog Set so that your kid can try to grill the last hot dog.

This BBQ grill also has 2 turnable knobs on the best and arrives with other utensils like grilling utensils, condiments, and a plate.

This grill also lights up at the press of a button.

Size: 24.9″ x 11.7″ x 26.4″

Suggested Ages: 2 Years and Up

  • Great price
  • Fun Stackable Hot Dog
  • Comes with Brick-Oven Aesthetic
  • Has no batteries
  • Stickers Wear simply

9. Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow BBQ Grill

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The last of our list is Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill. It is apart from other grills because of its convertible.

Besides, it can be wider or taller and thinner. Just Brilliant. The fact is it can grow with your children, and they can make it short one until they’re high enough to turn it on its side.

It also arrives with lots of accessories including a spatula, tongs, a hamburger and bun, and a bottle of ketchup and also a hot dog and bun.

It has an additional sink on the right and burners on the left side providing them multiple choices for pretend play.

Suggested Ages: 2 to 8 years

  • Adaptable 2-in-1
  • Arrives with Accessories
  • Sink and Burners As Well
  • Not As lots of Accessories As Some Other choices
  • Small


As you can look, there are lots of options for toy BBQ grills that you can buy for a kid who likes to play cooking or tries to assist at the family BBQ parties. Whether they are jealous about grilling or you are annoying to divert their interest away from danger, you shouldn’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas.

If you have any questions about Toy BBQ Grill, leave a comment below.

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