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Are you looking for an inflatable pool slide for inground pool that will boost the outdoor fun in the upcoming summer? Before making a final decision let’s check our 5 best inflatable pool slides for inground pool. We made the list of safety in our minds. Besides, these are top quality, multifunctional, colorful, and long-lasting.

At an affordable price, let’s choose the inflatable pool that you are searching for.

Best Inflatable Pool Slide For Inground Pool

1. Intex Inflatable Play Center Water Slide

Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center (2)


This Intex Water Slide inflatable pool is the best inflatable pool slide for an inground pool in our list that is budget-friendly and safest for kids. It will make your summer splash with an ultralight and colorful design. The inflatable pool comes with a garden hose tor allows you to wet the slide surface. The feature will add impressive fun in the summer hot days at the poolside.

Within an affordable budget, this Intex Water Slide offers plenty of features including, 5 air chambers, fun wave graphics, 6 heavy-duty handles.

Additionally, it is made with sturdy 20 gauge vinyl construction for your kids will be 100% safe on the pool slides. Another best part of this inflatable pool is it is large. So both kids and adults are allowed to play in the pool for hours long.

  • Affordable price.
  • Large in size.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Colorful addition.
  • Check the pool while receiving.


2. WOW Watersports Slide 2 Lane Waterslide Inflatable Pool

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile 9 Feet Long Floating 2 Lane Waterslide


The next inflatable pool on our list is WOW Watersports Slide that will be a great addition outdoor to make the kids happy at the lake.

Especially it includes a giant 2 lane slide to add extra fun. With 9 feet long and 6 feet wide this inflatable pool slide for inground pool will be suitable for multiple kids and adults to enjoy the lake at the same time.

The highlight feature of this pool will allow you to use the two grommets on the side to tie it to the dock. If you want to make a 30 or 40 feet long playground this inflatable pool will be ideal for that.

With a multi-functional opportunity, you can use this as a slide to the swimming pool. The manufacture made this slide pool with Heavy-duty PVC so it will be the safest addition for kids to enjoy.

  • Colorful addition.
  • Made with Heavy-duty PVC construction.
  • Light graphics for high visibility on the water.
  • Makes a great dock.
  • The slide is too huge.


3. Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide 

Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide


If you have enough budget and want to make your pool waterpark, let try this Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide. With large this inflatable pool can allow up to 500 lbs(226.796 KG). It means it is suitable for kids and parents to enjoy at the same time.

However, it is a huge water park but you can inflate it in two minutes’ thanks to the manufacture as they made the inflatable pool slide for inground pool in such incredible design.

The best part of the inflatable pool is it is not only durable but strong enough to ensure the safest fun for kids. It comes with fully PVC Vinyl construction which is 5 times sturdier than the usual nylon residential inflatables pool. Moreover, you will have heavy-duty PVC material all over the pool including mattress sides, bouncing surfaces, high-stress areas.

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • PVC material.
  • Includes a roof to shield children from the sun.
  • Delightful pool slide.
  • A bit pricy than others.


4. Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer inflatable pool

Costzon Inflatable Water Slide, Slide Bouncer Water Pool with Long Slide, Climbing Wall, Including Oxford Carry Bag, Stakes, Castle Bounce House


Another best inflatable pool slides for an inground pool in our list is Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer. If you are looking for a water pool with a real long slide, you can consider this inflatable pool.

At a reasonable price, the manufacture offers this practicing climbing pool that is made with exclusive material.

The key feature of this pool is it is made with heavy-duty puncture-proof 420D Oxford materials so it feels you completely relax while kids are bouncing. Even it prevents you from feeling pressures while kids enjoying excessive jumping.

With durable material, the pool allows up to 5 kids to enjoy the summer days at the same time. Within an affordable price, you will have plenty of features including protective netting connected hose, and more.

  • Decent price.
  • Exclusive material.
  • Practice climbing.
  • Quick inflatable.
  • Some finds handles felt off.


5. JungleRiverRide Inflatable Pool Slides for Inground Pools 

JungleRiverRide Multi-Sprinkler Inflatable Pool Slides for Inground Pools


This JungleRiverRide Inflatable Pool Slides will be great for Kids of All Ages.

It especially designs for in-ground pools or docks that are equipped with two water sprinklers. So the slide will always remain slippery wet and fun.

With 4’+ tall the Inflatable Pool Slides can hold 180 lbs. So kids of all ages will keep safe while they are jumping, and brunching. Most importantly, the construction of the inflatable pool meets American Toy safety standards.

On the other hand, it is very easy to install, so you will have ready to run fun. All you have to do is following 5 easy steps and you will find the assemble the inflatable pool.

So within a reasonable price, the inflatable pool will be a great addition outdoor in the summer season.

  • Easy Installation.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Safety ensured.
  • Great price.
  • Not multifunctional.



Some advantage of Inflatable Pool Slides for Inground Pools

Funny and exciting

An inflatable pool comes with more features than the traditional swimming pool. When we talking about Inflatable pool slides for inground pools these are even funnier and full of excitement for the kids. It includes slide down, climbs up and plunge into the water. All the features are ready to offer both kids and adults nonstop enjoyment. Adding Inflatable pool slides in the backyard will make the summer more memorable.

Allow To Stored

The best part of the inflatable pool slides for inground pools is they will allow you to store it after hours of fun. Even after the summer season, you can keep them in the garage or basement for next season. It won’t take much space. Besides, you can fold and roll up it in a small bag. These pools will be still considered if you don’t want to get a permanent water slide.

Suitable For An Outdoor Party

If you are planning for an outdoor party and want to invite relatives and friends, you should add these types of inflatable pools. It will make the party even more exciting both for adults and kids. On the other hand, this will be great for celebrating your kid’s birthday party. It will lead them to physical activity keeping them safe.

Decent Price

If you compare Inflatable pool slides for inground pools with permanent pool slides you will find them at a decent price. It will save enough money as you don’t need to construct a permanent pool slide. Similarly, it will allow you to bring it whether you want. With a range of price options, you are always welcome to choose the Inflatable pool you suit most.


As we mentioned above, it is bearable. So whether you are gon a park, relatives’ home, or outdoor adventure, don’t forget to bring Inflatable pool slides for inground pools with you. It will boost the fun while both adults and kids will spend more time with each other. Besides, these are portable and easy to transport, so you don’t have to face any trouble.


Some Features To Consider While Buying An Inflatable Pool Slides For Inground Pools


You should give the main priority to the safety issue while planning inflatable pool slides. So check that these will be safe for your little one. however, most of the design of the inground pool with top safety features but it doesn’t mean that your kids are out of danger. Ensure that the inground pools you are buying meet with Consumer Product Safety Commission. It confirms that the inground pools are tested and proven for safety purposes.


Size is another important feature. It completely depends on you which size you will go for, however lots of size variations available. If you consider inflatable pool slides for inground pools for a small number of kids, you can pick a small size pool. Conversely, a large size pool will be great for enjoying both kids and adults. So before make a final decision check the size, area, and dimension to get the right one.


If you are going to buy inflatable pool slides for the first time, it is recommended to choose the inflatable pool slides that are easy to set up. At the same time, asking the seller or watching a video will help you to get the tips to assemble it perfectly. Keep in mind that, most of the inflatable pool slides come with a user manual and a CD to help you out.


It’s a great opportunity to decorate the backyard with colorful inflatable pool slides. These are designed with various colors and blends that look like natural elements. So you are allowed to decorate your backyard according to your requirements. especially it will make your mind fresh.


Material is another vital feature to consider. Usually, inflatable pool slides made with fiberglass gel coat and polyethylene plastic. these make the pool durable and long-lasting. At the same time, these materials are resistant to chemicals, impact, rust, corrosion. So check the inflatable pool slides are made with high-quality materials as it will bring years of fun.


Final words

An inflatable pool slide for an inground pool will be a huge addition outdoor at the summer season if you got the right one. It brings hours of physical activity for kids, so safe are real concerns. The five inflatable pools we mention above is highly safe for kids as all are made with durable material. With a decent price tag, these all will be a great buy. Choose the inflatable pool that most suits you and boost outdoor decoration.

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