Best Inflatable Pool Slides Buying Guide In 2021 – Toys Types

Looking for the Best inflatable pool slides to get one for the summer fun? Don’t know how to get it? Even filling confusion how to start searching? Today we’ve written about inflatable pool slides buying guide to make your purchase easier.

However, pool slides are a kid’s fantasy but it is the parents who have to think about the safest option. So feel worried thinking about those problems. Today we will talk about some crucial factors that you should keep in mind before making a final decision for a kid’s paradise.

Kids are happy on a inflatable pool slide - Best Inflatable Pool Slides Buying Guide In 2021

Inflatable Pool Slides Buying Guide

1. The Size Of The Pool

First of all, if you are looking for slides for an existing pool, you will have to consider the pool size. For example, if you have a narrow pool then you should keep away from thinking about pool slides. Because it won’t be a suitable option and most importantly it doesn’t match with safety regulations.

Besides, while measuring the pool size take a count into the space that have around the pool and inside the pool. Spiral or curved slides usually take up less room comparing straight slides that can take up to 13 feet from the ladder to the pool’s edge.

2. The Location

The position where you will have to set the slides greatly depends on the room that has around the pool. If you don’t have enough space to set the slide, then you should go for a short-length pool slide.

However, it is ideal to locate the slide facing the outdoor lounge area. It will not only allow you to watch all the action but offer a more pleasing view instead of just looking at the ladder. On the other hand, you should position the slide at the deep end. It will keep you from land on the bottom of the pool.

Before setting the pool slides consider the water depth, the clearance at the front of the slide and the distance of the slide project at the pool’s edge as these are safety regulations.

3. The Slide Format

As the market is filled with several different types of slides, you should choose to depend on the size of the pool and the area around it. Following are some most popular slides format:

4. Straight Leg Slide 

Best for smaller pools

Like the title tag, it is designed to be straight near the top and this type of slide features a wide curve at the end. Besides, it is available in various lengths so you can choose based on your requirements. On the other hand these slides design in either an open or closed stairway. If you have younger kids then these slides will be the right option to choose as it will be a safer option.

5. Molded Slide Leg

Best for limited surrounding deck space

These come in a steeper design comparing Straight Leg Slide. Besides, it includes a larger left or right curve. You can choose the most suited length; however, these are mostly available in 8 feet tall. On the other hand, this type of slide usually designs with an enclosed stairway instead of a traditional ladder to ensure more safety.

6. Elephant Leg Slide

Best for thrills and spills

It is available in two main designs as the Stream and the G-Force pattern design. Between them, The G-Force is extremely curvy resembling a pasta noodle and it can go up to 9 feet high. Conversely, Stream Design is a bit the same as Molded Slide Leg slide, though it includes a steeper drop at the starting point. With an average of 14 feet high this type is one of the tallest slides available in the market.

7. Materials

Most of the pool slides are made from rotationally molded polyethylene plastic or fiberglass gel coat. Both are extremely durable and offer a friction-free surface to enjoy a thrilling ride.

Besides, both of them are rust and chemical resistant so they won’t fade too quickly when exposed to UV rays on summer hot days. Since the rotationally molded polyethylene plastic is a bit more superior material so it is costly than fiberglass.

However, you can make your slides by using tiles, pebbles, or concrete. These are usually covered with a wax-resin so they will offer extra safety. Though this won’t be so exciting as can be too hot to use, so they are not mostly recommended.

8. The Water Supply

Most of the slides use water from the pool to keep the surface wet and boost the fun. It is the most important safety requirement for pool slides. If there is no opportunity to connect the slide directly to the pool water, then you should buy a hookup to your garden hose. It is installed up against the ladder so the tools will remain invisible. However, if you choose a larger slide then a garden hose is a must need to ensure greater water flow.

9. Maintenance

However, pool slides made from the materials won’t fade or corrode quickly. But being underneath sunlight continuously they can discolor over time. If it happens then you have to restore its looks using a specialized glaze/polish kit.

Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Slides

Here are some safety tips that you should follow to prevent any accidental situation and get the most fun

  • Pool slide steps, ramps, stairs, or ladders should have threads rather than rungs.
  • Slide steps have to be slip resistance, meet specific performance requirements, dimensions, and have tread curvature; in this case, you have to check your state or country guidelines.
  • You should apply minimum dimensions for ladder platforms that need a nonslip climbing surface and handrails.
  • Fasteners have to be durable and not prone so they can prevent breakage, susceptible to cracking, or at risk of becoming loose.
  • The weight-bearing capability should not be less than 200 pounds. However adult slider should have the ability to hold 300 pounds.

And all after that, if you decided to buy a pool slide, here we listed,

And then, we reviewed the best pool slides in 2021. Read it here.

Final Words

Nevertheless to say pool slides are the most popular option among parents to have summer hot day fun with the family. But choosing the wrong one can ruin all the excitement and arrangement. Even if not set properly, it can be the reason for injury. Hope after reading this best inflatable pool slides buying guide, you got the confidence to choose the right one and set it properly.

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