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Likewise living in a dream house, kids love to gift their Barbie or Disney doll a beautifully crafted large house and make some amazing stories. Though it’s a simple thing for kids but as a parent, you have to fulfill their wish.

Though it’s easy to find a large dollhouse, but finding a large wooden dolls house is a bit critical.

Today we gonna break down all the necessary things about wooden doll’s houses to make your little kid happier. In this review, we considered kids’ safety, demands, decoration, and the durable of the investment.

Therefore we come out with the Top 10 Wooden Doll’s Houses that are large enough, meet safety regulations, are decorative, and are highly durable while fitting in budget. Plus we include some buying tips to help you offer something best for your little princess.

Best Large Wooden Doll’s House For Your Kids

1. KidKraft Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse

  • KidKraft-Uptown-Wooden-Modern-Dollhouse-with-Lights-Sounds - large wooden dolls house


For 50 years, KidKraft produced wooden toys and furniture that helped kids to explore, learn, and smile through play. While researching we found this KidKraft Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse is the best large wooden doll’s house for plenty of reasons. Firstly you can impress your kids by gifting this Modern Dollhouse mostly for its built-in pool that will let him/her splash the fashion doll. When it comes to fashion dolls, you should remember this dollhouse is fit for all fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney princesses up to 12”.

The wooden dollhouse all has 36 different accessories to decorate and play with that will keep your kids busy for hours even allow you to invite the siblings. For increased longevity, this unique design Modern Dollhouse is made of sturdy yet lightweight wooden that can be varied around. However, it will take some time to install and come with hardware to make the task efficient.


  • Has pool and BBQ grill for extended play
  • Made of high-quality wood for long-lasting use
  • Includes elevators to all the three-floor
  • Comes with 36 accessories for all day long nonstop fun


  • The installing process is slightly difficult

2. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage Wooden Dollhouse

  • KidKraft-Chelsea-Doll-Cottage-Wooden-Dollhouse - large wooden dolls house


Though this large wooden dollhouse also comes from KidKraft but comparing to the previous model, this Chelsea Doll Cottage comes for a different purpose. The first impressive thing is it’s a budget-friendly Wooden Dollhouse on the list even in the vast market. But the dollhouse is functional enough to keep your little princess busy for long hours with imagination being the innovative source.

This wooden dollhouse has half of the accessories and accepts almost half-height dolls comparing the previous model but the kids will have five rooms, a balcony, and windows for extra joy. Apart from these this dollhouse comes with a traditional Chelsea Doll Cottage theme and doesn’t require much assembly, perfect for gifting kids on any occasion.


  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Don’t require much assembly
  • Have plenty of rooms, a balcony, and a staircase
  • Includes 16 different accessories


  • The wooden dollhouse comes with sticker decoration installed of paint.

3. KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse

  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - large wooden dolls house
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - piano and sitting room
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - night lamp
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - piano
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - tea table
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - bathroom comod
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - door
  • KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds - elevetor


Using its decorative and intricate crown molding white front door, the 12″ fashion dolls of your kids will love welcoming friends and neighbors, just imagine! Your kids will surely fall in love with this KidKraft My Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse to make such a dream and story real. Apart from these, this wooden dollhouse has 14 pieces of furniture along with balconies, rooms, and levels to create numerous stories every day he/she will play.

Comparing the previous KidKraft wooden dollhouse, this model is slightly expensive while accepts 12” various types of dolls and has a sound-making piano for extra joy. Plus the dollhouse can be placed against the wall for space-saving design and is lightweight enough to be carried around.


  • Design gliding elevator with handle for easier transportation
  • Made of solid wood for increased longevity
  • Fits up to 12-inch doll of any type including L.O.L. Surprise, Disney Princess
  • Comes with 14 different accessories and an installation guide


  • You may need an Allen wrench and a Phillips screw driver for installation

4. ROBUD Wooden Dollhouse

  • ROBUD-Wooden-Dollhouse-with-Furniture-Pretend-Play-Doll-House-Toys-for-Kids
  • ROBUD Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture, Pretend Play Doll House Toys for Kids - furnitures
  • ROBUD-Wooden-Dollhouse-with-Furniture-Pretend-Play-Doll-House-Toys-for-Kids-height


Want to have a snazzier and fancier wooden dollhouse for your 3 to 6 years old princess? You can consider this ROBUD Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture. Along with rich solid wood, this dollhouse is finished with non-toxic paint while many brands use stickers. It means buying this large wooden dollhouse will not only encourage the baby girl for imagination but also make the investment worth offering longer service.

Even the price of this dollhouse is also quite efficient and the second-lowest on the list while including plenty of accessories and opportunity to keep the girl busy. Another impressive thing is its pink Pretend Play Doll House theme will easily match with your girl’s living room to living and sleep them in a dream!


  • The dollhouse is large enough for playing multiple kids
  • Comes with 13 different accessories
  • Construct with rich solid wood
  • Design with amazing wallpaper and decoration


  • The dollhouse doesn’t have many functions

5. KidKraft Grand View Mansion Wooden Dollhouse


About 4.5 feet tall and 8 rooms of open space, this KidKraft Grand View Mansion Wooden Dollhouse will be the best dollhouse for parents with couples of kids. Even the wooden dollhouse comes with a max of 34 accessories to décor those eight rooms, making it perfect for keeping the girls busy for long. Apart from this, the dollhouse is perfect for living a 12” doll and compatible with other brands’ accessories.

It means you 3+ ages girls can decor and upgrade the wooden dollhouse anytime she wants using any toys. The dollhouse also features a moveable gliding elevator, doors, and windows for hours of discovery and exploration. Lastly, the dollhouse is suitable for installing against the wall and only requires a few simple steps.


  • Have eight rooms of open space to decorate
  • The dollhouse is Four and a half feet tall and more suitable for multiple kids to play at a time
  • Comes with 34 pre-assembled furniture pieces
  • Accepts 12” doll and other brands accessories


  • The littler bed for the doll is harder to secure however super glue can do the task

6. Small foot wooden toys Urban Villa Doll House


Comes with a unique Urban Villa theme, this wooden dollhouse for children is extremely beautiful and stable. The dollhouse also comes in fully furnished and has 12 accessories for customizing the dollhouse. The combination of nursery interior designs and modern color scheme makes the wooden dollhouse considerable for any modern living room even at a reasonable price.

The wooden dollhouse also features five rooms, two staircases, and three floors to offer ample space, resulting in suitable for fantasy-filled playing. Likewise the previous model, this dollhouse also accepts 12” dolls and requires some assembly.


  • The dollhouse comes in fully furnished
  • Comes in a richly detailed design with an open front side
  • Has modern color scheme that fit neutrally
  • Accepts 12” doll and comes with 12 piece furniture


  • The furniture and stair is made of plastic

7. KidKraft Disney Princess Dance & Dream Wooden Dollhouse


Still, searching for the best large wooden dollhouse? Check this KidKraft Disney Princess Wooden Dollhouse. It’s one of the best budget dollhouses in the market and covers a Disney Princess theme that is also highly popular among kids. A unique feature includes Spinning Dance Floor that will add extra joy while your little one finds her Barbie is spinning around to the music. 

Apart from the three songs, the manufacturer also includes a musical door that produces a Magical harp sound while opening. It’s not the end. This extremely sturdy wooden dollhouse comes with 20 regal furniture pieces to allow customizing the dollhouse based on the kid’s story tale and demands. This wooden dollhouse will also offer you a piece of mind as includes step-by-step installing instruction for a hassle-free experience and cost a fairly decent price.


  • The dollhouse has Spinning Dance Floor and plays 3 songs
  • The door also produces a Magical harp sound while opening
  • Comes with 20 regal furniture pieces
  • Design with Disney Princess Dance & Dream theme


  • The dollhouse doesn’t come with a wall anchor

8. KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse


This KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse features 6 rooms, 2 balconies, and 4 levels, and 4 feet in height. It’s a true large wooden dollhouse that includes 14 accessories and is perfect for a 12” doll. An exciting feature includes laser-cut furniture for highlighting precise detailing and antique styling. The manufacturer also includes Nursery furniture and Charming wallpaper graphics to boost the creativity and imagination of your 3+ years kids.

But the error side of this dollhouse is it’s not completely made of solid wood and some parts have come of plastic or composite. So comparing the durability may not fulfill your expectation. But the duration of the dollhouse will endure ensuring nothing but superior service to the kids for making their every moment funny and pleasant.


  • Have two porch balconies to extend the playtime
  • Construct with razor cut for accurate detailing
  • Comes with 14 furniture pieces
  • Made of EZ Kraft assembly technology for faster installation


  • The dollhouse isn’t completely made of wood

9. Jumbl Kids Wooden Dollhouse


Next, we have Jumbl Kids Wooden Dollhouse that is Meticulously Decorated, Highly Realistic, and Fully Immersive to keep your princess busy in deep imagination. Even compared with the other dollhouse we have reviewed this dollhouse will offer the utmost durability, thanks to its MDF & Fabric Materials.

The wooden dollhouse may cost a slightly higher price but it also has plenty of exciting features that make it worth investment to add to the kid’s living room. Comes with a freestanding design, this dollhouse ensures eye-level access to the 3+ years old kids for better display while playing with it. Even the dollhouse has detailed artwork on both exterior and interior with background scenery for the most realistic looks.


  • Made of heavy-duty MDF & Fabric Materials
  • Comes with Freestanding Design to offer Easy Eye-Level Access
  • Design with realistic and Meticulously Decoration
  • Has Detailed Wallpaper for Gorgeous Aesthetic


  • The price is slightly high comparing the competitors

10. KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse


If you want to have a larger wooden dollhouse especially for your younger kids with ample rooms and levels for infinite imaginative stories, consider this KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse. This wooden dollhouse is max 5 feet tall and has 8 rooms with 4 levels, making it perfect for gifting younger kids as well as multiple kids. An impressive feature includes a sleek elevator to introduce the kids to the real-life innovation of modern buildings.

Even its treadmill and yoga mat in every room will surprise the little princess while she will be familiar with the way of living a healthy life. Apart from these, its outdoor patio and spacious garage will extend the playtime. Finally, it’s an expensive dollhouse that comes with sound, lights, and 30-Piece Accessories to make the kid’s childhood innovative, fun, and imaginative.


  • The dollhouse is 5’ tall and has a richly detailed design
  • Allow mounting frame mirror on the wall
  • Design with stylish pink elevator
  • Comes with 30+ hand-painted wood furniture and accessories


  • The instruction comes with the dollhouse is horrible and the parts number is also inconsistent

What To Look For In The Best Large Wooden Doll House

Dimensions and Shape

A large wooden dollhouse is not only caused money but also significant space of the house. So you have to be sure about where you want to install it whether on a floor or table or want a foldable dollhouse for storing in a closet. Even you can have a permanently installed dollhouse as well. Plus consider the preference of your toddler ass most of them like a smaller and more lightweight dollhouse can be carried around easily. Some multi colorful dollhouses can increase the decoration of the kid’s living room as well.


A wooden dollhouse can be constructed from solid wood or particleboard or even combine these two. A solid wooden dollhouse is more durable than Particleboard however slightly expensive.


Though some dollhouses can be used right out of the box, most of them require a little installation; it is especially true for a wooden dollhouse. So choose a dollhouse that is easier to assembly so you can gift a complete wooden dollhouse to your kids without bothering them. You can also consider an untreated wood dollhouse to gift them paint with the favorite color of the kids.


While furnishing a wooden dollhouse, considering the scale is a vital factor. Most of the dollhouses come with a 1:12 scale. It means if the dollhouse is 12” in reality, it is 1” in miniature. Another important thing is increasing the second number will lower the original dimension that should also be remembered.

You should also check whether the dollhouse comes furnished or not as many toys have only a certain number of pieces. Note the price if the set is sold separately. a dollhouse with five unfurnished rooms at $25 may seem affordable, but in the end, it will increase the cost. Some parents appreciate the slower process of decoration as they want to decorate the dollhouse following the kid’s preference that changes periodically.


Shop for an open-sided dollhouse if you have multiple kids. However, picking a wooden dollhouse with balconies or porches won’t let you install the dollhouse up against the wall.

How To Select The Right Size Wooden Dollhouse?

Considering the kid’s age, you can determine the right size wooden dollhouse. But you must avoid a dollhouse with sharp edges for the safety concern of the kids.


Toddlers usually don’t have the complete motor skill and gifting them a smaller dollhouse can be risky for them. So offer them a little big dollhouse so they can’t put the toy in their mouth.

3 to 6-Year-Olds

During this age, kids get some motor skills, but you should still stick the size into big. Plus buy a dollhouse that has a colorful shape. Make sure the dollhouse is only one large piece for their safety concern.

7 to 11-Year-Olds

The children at this age become aware of their environment and may want to have a certain thing or toys seen on the other kids’ hands. You should listen to them and gift them a preferable one for their happiness.

12 Years and Older

At this age, your kids will start considering the dollhouse as a collectible instead of a toy. So offer a wooden dollhouse that comes with a more intricate design.

What Are The Most Common Styles Of Large Wooden Dolls Houses?

For Children

The dollhouse of children should have multiple features like lift-up roofs, painted exteriors, and opening windows and doors. You can also consider a dollhouse with an open-face design for easier access. Most of the kids appreciate their fantasy-related themes. You can also buy a wooden dollhouse based on their recommendation for their pleasant however most popular themes are majestic mansions, princess castles, and modern homes

For Adults

Go for a dollhouse that is made of MDF for adding lights efficiently. Miniature dollhouses with a 1/16 to 1/24 scale will be perfect for a living space. The oversize dollhouse gets extra attention but takes much space. Teens and adults like the closed-side dollhouse most as their main intention isn’t to play with it. Considering the home décor and the kid’s personal preferences, the most common styles are luxury villas, Victorian-century aesthetics, and rustic libraries.

Safety Guides To Remember While Shopping The Best Large Wooden Dolls House

Following are a few safety tips to consider while shopping for the best large wooden dolls house:

  • Don’t buy a too heavy dollhouse and the kids should carry it around his/her favorite places.
  • The dollhouse you are going to pick should have age group guidance. Don’t offer a wooden dollhouse to your kids that have small parts especially if the kids are less than 3 years old. This intricate dollhouse is mostly ideal for kids of 4 – 12 years old.
  • You should keep the eye on the kids while playing with the dollhouse as their fingers can be trapped or pinched by dollhouses. Even they can cause other accidents.


What is a good age for kids to have a dollhouse?

Children start to play with dolls and toys from a younger age. But it’s suggested to offer them a dollhouse if they become 3 years old. A dollhouse usually comes with smaller parts and gifting such things to younger kids can be dangerous.

What is the most common dollhouse scale?

The most common yet standard scale for a dollhouse is the 1:12 scale whether the second number determines the size range. The smaller the second number is you will have a bigger dollhouse.

What type of wood is used to make a dollhouse?

A dollhouse or other building toys are mainly made of medium-density fiberboard. Some manufacturers also use Baltic birch plywood. Both types of wood offer some gasses. So you shouldn’t pick unfinished wooden dollhouses.

Final Words

In the end, you have come across some of the best large wooden dolls houses that are ready to make the kids playing time as longest as possible. The dollhouse we have reviewed is suitable for 3+ years of kids while comes with a variety of themes, size, function n, and price. But all of these dollhouses are made of solid wood and suitable to encourage the kids to imagine and spend quality time alone and with siblings. Now it’s your turn to make a final call keeping these buying tips in mind and considering your little princess demand and dreams!

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